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Miracle of Thanksgiving

Beyond images of cornucopias and stuffed turkeys and pumpkin pie with whipped cream, did you know there were many miracles that led to this communal meal? I didn’t until my adulthood and it’s a story that is true! It must be shared!

We, as Americans, I hope know how it so happened that the Dutch Pilgrims came to be landing on Plymouth Rock at the wrong time of year in 1611. Far from following their well laid plan, events conspired against them and these Dutch Christians had had to make their torturous voyage too late in the year. Many had already died on the voyage so when land was in sight they needed to go ashore and make a start at finding fresh provisions. This necessitated their landing in winter on a bitter cold and barren shore of the coast of America.

They had been blown off course, thus landing there by ‘accident’. This was the beginning of the miracle.

In the excellently written and illustrated book “Squanto” by Eric Metaxas, the full details are explained! It’s a story that deserves to be read to children and adults alike as it gives us the shock and awe we need to understand the very thankful hearts of these first peoples and their new friends, the strange pilgrims with whom they shared this legendary meal.

This true story explains how, in 1608 a 12 year old First Nations boy was captured from the coast area of America and taken to Spain as a slave. Spanish Monks eventually cared for him and taught him about God and heard his heart cry to go to his own land again! They helped him gain passage to England. There he learned English and eventually was able to return to his homelands. This happened 2 years before the Pilgrims arrived into the very same area. So it was that GOD had placed an ambassador with the English language and survival skills that helped this God fearing band to survive the harsh conditions of a New England winter. When the First Nations people gathered with the Pilgrims, it was Squanto and his people who blessed the Pilgrims with shared game, seafood and provisions to make a huge feast. They were all thankful! This miracle survival story has God’s fingerprints all over it! Spread the word! The founding of this Nation was touched by amazing miracles. Have the peoples here lived up to all these precious pictures of God’s Character and care? No. But let’s get back to Giving Thanks to the ONE who deserves it as HE blesses our lives even today. Happy THANKSGIVING!!!